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Enrolment & Information For Parents

What Does it Cost?

We try to keep our fee structure simple and value for money. We offer a three tier fee structure:

  • Tier One (New & Current Members) :
    $120.00 per term per child
    $80.00 membership fee (one-off payment for new memberships).

  • Tier Two (Non-Uniformed Active Committee Members):
    $96.00 per term per child (25% discount)
    Membership fee waived.

  • Tier Three (Uniformed Leaders):
    $268.00 per year per child
    Membership fee waived.

The Scouting Method

Our program is structured into one continuous journey from the Joey Scouts through to the end of the Rover Scout Section. Each age section is specifically designed to each developmental stage of the child, adolescent and young adult.

We call it the Achievement Pathways. A continuous series of personal achievements across the whole program.

The Achievement Pathways can be characterised as a pathway around and up a mountain with achievements identified through a series of uniform badges. 

The Achievement Pathways comprises:

  • Program Essentials  - a youth member's core Scouting experience

  • Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) - providing youth members the opportunity to experience
    and pursue activities of interest in the great outdoors

  • Special Interest Areas (SIA) - providing Scouts opportunity to develop experiences, skills
    and knowledge in areas that interest them.

  • Peak Award - each section has a peak award drawing on elements of the
    Achievement Pathways with requirements appropriate to the age section.

  • Additional Awards - opportunity for Scouts to explore World Scouting Program Awards - Better World Framework, recognition of achievements in certain non-Scouting activities
    and special activity-related badges specified by Scouts Australia (Scouts Victoria, 2024). 

What is Next?

We are lucky to provide a popular program. To begin your child's journey into Scouting, simply email 2nd Mornington Sea Scout's Group Leader:


We will chat your child's entry into Scouting, which age section is most suitable and when the section operates. It is as simply as that. The next step is to book your child's free three (3) session trial. Come and join the adventure.

Scouting Needs Your Help

All adults involved in our group are volunteers. Our group would cease to exist if adults did not volunteer to be leaders, support committee members or adult helpers. We are lucky to have such a talented group of volunteers, but we need your help. Enquire today.

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