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Info for Parents


The Committee has set the fees for 2021-2022 at $544 for a first child & $499 for second & subsequent children.

This fee is made up of three separate components:

1. Registration: $244. This part is remitted to Scouts Victoria and is used to run the State Branch & its activities, including the provision of insurance.

2. Group: $300 (first child). This fee stays with 2nd Mornington Sea Scouts and helps toward running the weekly program, providing scarves, badges and books, maintenance of the property, maintenance of boats, all other insurances, leader training and administering the group.

3. Joining Fee: $45. Covers all uniform accoutrements, a reference book and badges. The only uniform you have to purchase separately is the appropriate Section shirt.

Second and subsequent children of the same parents are eligible for a 15% reduction off the Group Fee. Full Registration fees for all children still have to be paid.

Children of Adult Leaders & the Committee Executive receive a discount off Group Fees (not Registration) to reflect the time & effort they invest in the Group and to partially offset in a token way the out of pocket fees incurred in fulfilling these roles.


All adults involved in our Group are volunteers. The Group would cease to exist if adults did not volunteer to act as leaders or Committee members. In addition all adults will be rostered for fundraising, working bees, hall cleaning & other tasks as decided by the Group Leader. 



The leaders at all levels are trained to provide an enjoyable and challenging program, which has been designed with an emphasis on outdoor activities and hands-on learning, to suit the needs and capabilities of children within a specific age range.

The programs are developed and issued at the beginning of each term.  Notices of changes to the program or activities outside normal meetings are also provided in advance. In the course of the program your child will be provided with appropriate equipment. They will be taught how to use it safely and encouraged to care for it and to use it responsibly.

During the evening sessions and also during excursions, outside activities and camps, we have a Duty of Care to ensure your child’s safety. This is taken very seriously and is re-enforced by the safety standards of Scouts Australia, through the District Commissioner and Group Leader.

If you have any concerns, you’re encouraged to speak directly to the section leader and, if appropriate, it will be handled by the Group Leader.



Because we are a very popular Scout Group, there are often waiting lists for each of our sections.

The first step is to contact the Group Leader via email on


The Group Leader will advise on whether your child can immediately enter a section on a try-out basis or whether they will need to be added to a waiting list.

Your child can then ‘road test’ 2nd Mornington Sea Scouts for three nights without obligation. You will be asked to bring a completed Y4 form on the first night which, among other things, covers your youth for insurance purposes.


After the try-out period, if your youth decides to continue with Scouts then inform the Treasurer who will issue an invoice. Once fees (full or pro-rata) are paid the Group Leader will issue an 'Invitation to Join' and when that is complete you should purchase a uniform shirt & arrange with the relevant Section leader a plan for a formal investiture ceremony.


You will need to purchase a uniform through the Group direct or from The Scout Shop.

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