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Help Our Group.
Scouting Needs Volunteers

Giving back will improve your wellbeing, equip you with skills for the future and help you to make new friends - and memories.

Volunteering can be a brilliant way to boost your mental wellbeing. It's a great feeling knowing you're helping young people get skills for life, and you might learn a lot about yourself along with way.

Scouts provides extensive training at no cost to provide you all the tools you need to experience Scouting at its best.


Become a Leader.
Make an Impact

Scouts can make you feel good in other ways, too. We'll guide you to an opportunity where you'll:

  • Make friends and meet people

  • Try new things and challenge yourself

  • Get outdoors and get stuck in

  • Positively impact our community

  • Create vital opportunities for our young people

  • Make memories that'll last a lifetime.

There's More Than One Way to Help

If you can only occasionally help, that's okay. We really appreciate any time you can spare. There's also volunteer opportunities as adult helpers, support committee members and members of our activity teams.

To become a Leader or adult helper, send us an email and join the adventure.

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