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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions about Scouting, what we do and how things work. Below are a series of frequently asked questions with answers. We if can help with any member or potential member requiring further information, please do not hesitate to drop us an email:

Can I or My Child Trial Before Joining?

Absolutely. Yes.. It is always exciting for new youth members to try Scouting. We offer a three (3) session trial at no cost. We believe Scouting offers a broad range of exciting activities under one membership, It is important for all potential youth members give Scouting a go before deciding to officially join, don our blue and white scarf and affirm the Scout Promise. Please contact us to discover when our sections (Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers) meet and we can organise a trial. Come join the adventure.! Email:

All Welcome

Scouting is inclusive of all regardless of gender, sexuality, race, spiritual beliefs, abilities or socioeconomic status. We do not tolerate any form of harm, abuse, exclusion or neglect. We embrace the diversity of our community. We aim to reflect this diversity through our policies and practices, and provide inclusion that ensures access to Scouting for all.

Australian Scout Uniform Standards

It is often confusing to understand Scouting uniform standards. Below are a few links to help:

Financial Hardship

We recognise that membership of our group incurs a cost to our members and families. Scouts Australia's policy is that membership should not be denied on the basis of financial hardship or the inability of a member or potential member to meet the cost associated with participation in our Scout Program. If your family is experiencing financial hardship, please contact us. All conversations are strictly confidential. We aim to support our families and community. Please email:

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