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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions about Scouting and how things work, below are the frequently asked questions for our group

Can I come along to see if I like it before joining?

Yes. It is always exciting for new youth members to try Scouting, but sometimes we all just want to check it out before deciding to join. So please contact our Group Leader via email to find out when is suitable and then we can work out what night section your child fits and any other questions.

You will be asked to fill in a prospective youth member need to complete a Youth Membership Application, this is to ensure we have your correct contact information and any relevant safety / medical condition details, but will not need to pay any fees at this point. There is no obligation for the first 3 weeks, after which you can decide if you want to join up. At this point you will be invoiced for the Scout Victoria membership fee, and our groups term fee.

Please note, unfortunately some sections do have a waiting list to join, but we do have other Scouting groups in the area that would be happy to assist.

All Welcome

All Ages

From the time they start school, children as young as five can become Joey Scouts. Older children and teens can join us along the way, even if they haven’t been involved in Scouting before.

Scouts are aged from 5 to 25, and adventurous adults of any age are always welcome as new Leaders.


Girls have been Scouts in Australia since the 1980s, and all our activities are equal opportunity. More than a third of our youth members are female.

Gender diversity is also supported and respected.   

Special needs

We welcome members with physical or intellectual disabilities, and we’ll include you in as many activities as possible. Our group will do our best to make you feel welcome and included. 


Scouts come from many different backgrounds and cultures. 

Many Scouts were born overseas or raised by parents who’ve retained traditions from other countries. All new members are welcomed into their Scout Groups and treated with respect.

Inclusiveness and diversity are values at the heart of Scouting activities. Members from different ethnic backgrounds can help their group learn about cultures, languages and spiritual beliefs. 


Scouts Victoria welcomes members from all religions and we encourage the spiritual development of our members. 

Financial and family difficulties

Families come in many different forms, and all young people deserve a chance to shape their own future.

Scouting delivers exciting, low-cost activities to children and youths who might not otherwise be able to enjoy them. We develop life skills through learning opportunities outside the education system. We provide structure, friendship and support, encouraging members to challenge themselves.

If your family is having a rough time, Scouting can provide young people with important breathing space outside the home to be with friends and enjoy achievements. If you’re doing it tough financially, we can often help out with financial hardship programs.


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