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1   Link   Animated Knots by Grog
great place to learn knots. Also iphone & android app
2   Link   The Scout Shop
buy all uniforms & badges here
3   Link   Scouts Victoria
4   Link   Scouts Australia
5   Link   Mornington Yacht Club
6   Link   Sailing Australia
7   Link   Scouts Australia training SAIT
training for committee members & parent helpers. Username is your Scout Registration number & password is your DOB (ddmmyyyy)
8   Link   Canoe & Kayak Course Equip List
9   Link   Canoe/kayak level 1 course info
Level 1 Canoe/Kayak course
Bays Canoe Team
10   Link   Branch Sailing Team
to book all sailing courses
11   Link   Gary's Dutch Poffertjes