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1   Link   Canoe & Kayak Registration Form TR1
Use This form to apply for Canoe or Kayak Course
2   Link   Personal Info Record PIR
For use at every activity. Complete this document & save on your own computer to use next time.
3   Link   Special Activities Form Y5
For participating in activities run by organisations outside Scouts, like firearms or surfing
4   Link   Family Registration Form
for use on invitation to enrol your child
5   Link   TR1 Sailing Supplementary Form
6   Link   Sailing & Powerboat Course Application
used for Victorian Branch sailing & powerboat unit
7   Link   Venturers Badge Activity Statement
Venturer Award Scheme: to submit to unit council for approval of activity
8   Link   Outdoor awards
for achievement & participation in various outdoor activities & adventures
9   Link   Outdoor Games
many ideas for outdoor games
10   Link   Working With Children
Working WIth CHildren
11   Link   Leader Training TR1
An application for training for leaders
12   Link   Seamanship
an article on knots, navigational aids & sailing technology by Greg Dalton
13   Link   Traditional rowing
an article on traditional rowing in pulling boats by Greg Dalton
14   Link   Check List for WWC & Police Check